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As abundant as diamond choices appear to be out in the market, there are diamonds that are completely unavailable. Especially when it comes to custom design and the matching of shapes and quality.  When looking for a particular quality of diamond. Most people will focus of the color and clarity of the diamond and overlook the quality of the cut.  In Dallas, Texas, we are noticing that consumers are paying attention to more than color and clarity and cut has become important.  That is why Aura Diamonds offers custom cut diamonds to our customers.

Aura Diamonds carries diamonds cut by our own cutters. As well as custom cutting diamonds to fit the custom design of their choice.  It may be difficult to find diamonds. If your design, for example, requires matching fancy colored diamonds in a particular size. Or a series of diamonds that need to taper from small to large in a particular shape.   All too often customers will receive diamonds that were not cut to proper specifications. But they match in color and clarity.  The fire and brilliance is lost.   

Custom Cut Diamonds Dallas

There are those who settle on a diamond. Because it is the closest they can find to what they were looking for their needs or design.  Having a diamond custom cut alleviates the headache of settling on a diamond you may not want or trying to find the impossible.  Others will look to diamonds as an investment.  Having a custom cut diamonds will ensure the qualities in the diamonds match your investment needs.  Investment diamonds will need a wonderful clarity, a fascinating color and a superior cut. 

When it comes to selecting rough diamonds, our diamond cutters know exactly what to look for.  Our diamond cutters travel the world to find ethically sourced rough according to the specifications of the orders needed.  From there, they cleave, cut and polish the diamond within its rough surroundings.   Our cutters can cut any shape you wish.  Large Square Radiant Cuts, perfectly shaped Hearts, brilliantly polished Step-Cuts. And also Fancy Colored diamonds in amazing sizes are just a few of the requests of custom cut diamonds. 

Diamonds that are a carat and smaller are cut with the same respect and care as a diamond that is 5 carats.  Regardless of the diamond's size, the cut will not be sacrificed by our diamond cutters.  A custom cut diamond is the perfect way to complete the custom designed engagement ring process.  Like the ring itself, a custom cut diamonds is a work of art. And each rough diamond is an opportunity for our diamond cutters to find the inner beauty that the rough contains.

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