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Wedding rings are symbols of being married and is usually worn closest to the heart on the left hand on the finger next to the pinkie. Many brides are surprised with the engagement ring but they are usually involved in the choosing of the wedding ring and their styles can be as varied as the engagement rings they compliment. Often, brides will choose the band that most looks like their engagement ring making the two rings into a matching set. Knowing this, designers will create an engagement ring with the wedding ring style in mind but this leaves the bride with only one choice.

In Dallas, Texas we are seeing brides choose many different styles to compliment the engagement ring. Regardless of the style they are wearing, brides are choosing vintage with modern and mixing up gold combinations. Brides are taking the opportunity to have a wedding rings that will stand out on its own. Sometimes these rings are worn instead of the engagement ring because the center diamond may interfere with their profession. Women wearing medical gloves have a harder time wearing an engagement ring due to the diamond sticking up, thus a flatter wedding ring is easier to wear. When this happens some will choose a wedding ring that is wider than the usual wedding ring that would match the engagement ring. Brides have many choices of diamond, gemstone, plain or vintage style wedding rings.

Plain wedding rings in Dallas are popular to be worn separately or with the engagement ring. Plain bands are usually around 2mm wide, but in the past many women wore a wide yellow gold band. In Dallas, Texas, we are seeing diamond bands of different styles where channel set diamonds were once the norm, prong set diamonds are more popular today. Eternity bands have been a popular choice for many years with the diamonds encircling the ring. The major change to the eternity band has been the vintage style wedding ring. The vintage style wedding ring is most often an eternity band with milgrain and different size diamonds set with in the ring.

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