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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The asscher cut diamond is a type of emerald cut that has a square shape. Like a princess diamond, an asscher diamond has a similar structure, but with truncated corners. The emerald cut, like the asscher cut diamond, has 58 faces, but there is also the asscher diamond, which has 74 faces.

More than a hundred years ago, asscher cut diamonds were born thanks to brothers-jewelers, today the diamond cut shape of the same name, reminiscent of the old world of genuine glamor, is experiencing a real boom in popularity. That is how Asscher diamonds will be described in most international certificates, and sometimes he is called Square Cut Emerald. The reason for renaming is the difficult conditions in the field of copyright for the official use of this name. However, does not prevent a diamond made in the shape of an emerald cut square from remaining the same famous asscher cut diamond.

Celebrities prefer the shape of a asscher cut diamond, as such diamonds are distinguished by an elegantly restrained style for modern ladies and movie stars.

Asscher Cut Diamonds Dallas TX

The asscher cut diamonds was designed by Joseph Asscher in 1902.   The shape is nearly octagonal and has cut corners like the emerald and radiant cut.  Although it looks similar to the emerald cut, the asscher cut diamond has larger step facets, a steeper crown, and a smaller table.  The blending of the unique characteristics delivers more brilliance than the modern emerald cut.  Each having 58 facets, the asscher comes to a point called the culet. Where the emerald cut has a straight line, called a keel.  The asscher cut diamond had great success but peeked in popularity in the 1920s.

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For many years, the asscher cut diamonds could only be found in antique shops and estate sales.  Because the popularity waned for so many years. The grandsons of Joseph Asscher, Edward and Joop Asscher, decided to redesign the asscher cut and introduced the Royal Asscher in 2001.  The Royal Asscher cut Diamonds has 74 facets instead of the original 58.  The Royal Asscher cut has not replaced the modern asscher cut. But it has brought a rebirth to the use of the modern asscher cut diamond.  It is recommended that when choosing  an asscher cut diamond to get a minimum of an SI1 clarity. Because asscher and emerald cut diamonds are easier to see the inclusions in the diamond.

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Where can you buy an asscher diamond in Dallas?

Our Dallas diamond shoppers may be left with the dilemma of choosing an asscher cut diamond or a princess cut diamond. Let's consider the main advantages of choosing a diamond for asscher cut diamond.

With the similarity of forms between diamonds, these types of cuts differ in the structure and proportions of their faces. asscher cut diamond, unlike the princess cut, creates faces that run parallel to the belt and to each other.

According to the brilliance and radiance of diamonds, an asscher cut diamond will not shine and sparkle strongly, as with the princess cut. Therefore, for him, the depth is not so important, but the smaller the depth, the larger the size of such a stone. Here the main emphasis is on size, not gloss. For asscher cut diamond, the recommended depth range is 60% - 70%.

Since the princess cut increases the luster of the stone, this allows you to hide the yellow shades of color. Whereas for an asscher diamond, the yellowness of the color will be more noticeable. Therefore, for asscher diamond the color should be no lower than H. And also, the cleanliness of a stone with such a facet should not be lower than VS1-VS2.

So, you can buy asscher diamond shapes in Dallas at our store. We have a large assortment of choices for this shapes of diamond in terms of price, carat, clarity, color and certificate. Also, you can select the desired diamond in depth, symmetry, polishing and other parameters. If you want to buy the right asscher diamond with brilliance and fire, come to our store or leave a question to our managers.

Engagement Rings price for asscher cut diamond in our store:

  1. Antique Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring for 1ct Center Stone - $ 1,270.00
  2. Classic Split Shank Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring for 2 ct Stone - $ 1,317.50
  3. Double Halo Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring for 1.5 Carat Stone - $ 3,800.00
  4. Illusion Pave Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring for 3 Carat Stone - $ 4,800.00
  5. 10kt White Gold Solitaire Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring - $ 261.86

These are a few examples of asscher diamond shapes that are used in engagement rings. You can see all kinds of engagement rings for inserting an asscher diamond shape in our store!

Asscher cut diamond, a bright representative of a square step cut with truncated corners and an octagonal contour, is most harmonious in vintage jewelry and in modern style jewelry, giving vivid memories and thoughts. No less comfortable is a stone of this form, which creates the effect of a mirror hall in the light, and good feels itself in jewelry and engagement rings. The atmosphere of the shaped asscher diamond is perfectly complemented by clean geometric lines and the elegant simplicity of modern frames.

An asscher diamond can look truly magnificent if this shape is attached to a large diamond of the highest quality. In engagement rings an asscher diamond reveals all the natural beauty of an ideal in its structure, absolutely transparent diamond. The most expensive asscher cut engagement ring ever owned by a celebrity was auctioned off for nearly $ 9 million to a private collector.



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