Emerald Cut Diamonds

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Emerald Cut Diamonds
emerald cut diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds Dallas TX

The emerald cut diamonds is named for the shape that the green emerald was historically most cut.  The reason was that emeralds naturally have inclusions that made it difficult to cut in the traditional brilliant cut. The long step cut made the green emerald easier to cut.  The cut was then used in other gemstones and diamonds. 

The typical emerald cut diamond has 57-58 facets with 25 on the crown, 25 on the pavilion and 8 on the girdle.  Most of the modern shapes today do not have a standard for girdle facets.  The emerald cut diamonds is sometimes called a step cut. Because the 3 rows of top steps and 3 rows of bottom steps that appears in the diamond's shape.  The placement of these facets can make it easier to see the inclusions inside the diamond.  Therefore, it is recommended to look for SI1 clarity to keep from seeing inclusions as easily.

The appeal of the emerald cut diamonds is due to its long look and straight lines. Therefore, no other shape comes close to the unique style of the emerald cut.  Out of all the diamonds cut in the world only 3% of them are emerald cut. And yet they represent 15% of annual sales.  Even though emerald cut diamonds will not sparkle as much as the other traditional diamond, its unique shape that continues to draw attention.  

Most other shapes are brilliant cut with their facets arranged like a vortex where the sparkle dances around from the center of the diamond.  Emeralds cut diamonds have broad flashes of light creating the hall of mirrors effect.  This beautiful illusion plays with the contrast of light and dark like no other shape. Placing the emerald cut diamond as the quintessential shape for an unparalleled expression of love.   

Loose Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut diamonds has an art-deco appeal to it and yet it has been set in halos, three stone designs or the perfect shape to be the side stones when baguettes will not do.  Either way, the long look changes the design completely when you go from round to emerald cut. 

We cannot say for sure if a trend is growing here in Dallas, Texas. But we are seeing new brides take a traditional engagement ring design with a round center stone and have it redesigned with an emerald cut.  The emerald cut diamonds does not merely just change how the top looks. But changes the flow, the shape, the over-all feel of the engagement ring.  

The engagement ring goes from a low lying curvy design, to a multi directional engagement ring with levels, planes, symmetry and unparalleled beauty. 



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