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Engagement Rings Dallas TX

Dallas engagement ring styles have varied over the years. About 25 years ago, Dallas engagement rings consisted of marquise shape diamonds and thick yellow gold channel set settings. About 15 years ago, Dallas engagement rings were dominantly princess cuts. Today, engagement rings in Dallas consist of many different shape center stones in white gold with the occasional request of rose or yellow gold. These rings are accompanied by more style choices than previously designed. Dallas Engagement rings have been adding wedding bands that do not match in style, but can be worn separately on its own. These rings will have a modern or antique look that does not match the engagement ring. Lately, Dallas engagement rings have gone away from square shaped stone to more elongated stones like the oval, radiant or emerald cut. Dallas engagement ring have seen an increase in demand for colored diamond, too. These unusual diamonds create a unique look that draws your eye to the center. The most popular color we have seen in Dallas engagement rings is the beautiful fancy yellow diamond set in white gold, creating an incredible contrast of color and style. Whatever your style, Aura Diamonds has the latest styles and incredible selection of engagement rings in Dallas.

At Aura Diamonds we specializes Engagement Rings in Dallas. We realize that rings you are planning to purchase is a personal and beautiful symbol of one person's intent to marry and love that person forever. No matter the style, regardless if it is made of a precious metal or has diamonds or gemstones, the meaning is the same. Selecting an engagement rings may be as personal as the ring itself and at Aura Diamonds we appreciate being part of an intimate and important moment in your life.

Dallas Engagement Rings at Aura Diamonds

Engagement rings Dallas come in so many styles and choices, but when it comes down to it, you are still trying to find the most beautiful or original engagement ring. Do you go with the most popular engagement ring or design your own engagement ring? Or maybe you want engagement rings without diamonds? Choosing the perfect engagement rings does not have to be difficult. In North Texas we have helped customer pick a wide variety of styles to fit the unique personal styles. If you are unsure of the style that she may want, go with a solitaire, just the diamond atop the band and no diamonds along the sides.

If your choice is a diamond, educate yourself on the 4 C’s.

This popular choice allows you to have the diamond reset at a later date, romantically picking a ring together. To enhance the size of the center diamond, the halo engagement rings style is perfect. Think of it as frame around the center stone. The halo surrounds the center stone displaying more brilliance than a simple solitaire setting. Some modern designs include pave set diamonds that makes the ring looked 'paved' in diamonds. Another is the three stone diamond engagement ring is more of a symbolic choice, representing your past, present and future together. The three stone engagement rings has a bold look and has many different variations. There are many modern designs with side stones that will complement the center stone. If she likes more of an antique look, we can add milgrain to her custom designed engagement ring. There are vintage designs as well. You can custom design a style that was popular over 100 years ago, called Edwardian Design or you can make an antique design with some modern enhancements.

Many of these designs can be combined or tailored to her specific tastes. How do you choose with all these choices? At Aura Diamonds, we walk you through every step of your selection from the most popular engagement rings in Dallas and Fort-Worth in our showroom or help you custom design your own custom engagement ring at wholesale prices. The perfect ring is out there and the engagement rings Dallas you chose today will be the symbol of your love as it is passed through the generations of your family.



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