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Are you looking for engagement rings Dallas? Aura Diamonds is your go-to diamond and custom engagement ring designer in Dallas, TX. Our specialty is not only providing clients with beautiful diamond and diamond jewelry pieces. And also ensuring you understand what makes your personal diamond great! We want to empower you to understand your diamond selection and the entire diamond engagement ring shopping process!

The most popular purchase among our clients are our diamond engagement rings available both online and in person at our Dallas location. Whatever engagement ring type you’re looking for we have it! From modern on-trend engagement rings, custom made engagement rings, to classic vintage engagement rings.

Why are we the best sellers engagement rings Dallas Texas? You can see for yourself that we have more than 50+ reviews 5 stars Google Reviews and make sure that we are the best sellers of Dallas engagement rings.

What Types of Engagement Rings Dallas, TX Do We Offer at Aura Diamonds?

Aura Diamonds Dallas is a diamond wholesale dealer. Unlike traditional jewelry stores who purchase their stock from other vendors we host our own vast inventory of diamonds. Because shopping with us means finding the engagement ring of your dreams! Whether its an antique engagement ring, vintage engagement ring, classic engagement ring, or even your very own custom unique engagement ring.

First of all, we understand every couple wants their engagement ring to be just as unique as their love and relationship. We strive to provide variety and quality that fits your personal taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Secondly, with every style, cut, and color available in our inventory the sky is really the limit when you shop for engagement rings Dallas with Aura Diamonds!

Different Types of Engagement Rings that we offer at Aura Diamonds:

  • Custom Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Wholesale Engagement Rings
  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Pave Engagement Rings
  • Engagement Rings With Side Stones
  • Three Stone Engagement Rings
  • Halo Engagement Rings
  • Vintage Engagement Rings
  • Antique Engagement Rings
  • Unique Engagement Rings

If you can imagine it our expert jewelry designers can bring it to life! We love designing custom engagement rings in Dallas!

Engagement rings in DallasEngagement rings in DallasDiamond engagement rings

We have the Best Prices on Engagement Rings

Any buyer of a engagement ring is primarily interested the price. The prices for our engagement rings can be very pleasant to you. Due to the fact that we have extensive experience in selling rings and diamonds, our prices will always be cheaper than in other jewelry stores. Our supply of rings and diamonds is not limited to borders, which makes it possible to find a quality diamond or engagement ring. Compare our prices with other jewelry stores that sell rings or diamonds. And here you will see that our prices are much lower and the quality is higher.

Due to what the price of a engagement ring can be so without loss of quality? First off all, in online jewelers have less overhead, so they can reduce the price. Also, you can come to our jewelry store and make sure that the prices are also lower as in the our online store. So, all of our engagement rings have a certificate of quality. This is the only way to guarantee that the quality that we promised you is the quality that you have received. And also the price of such a ring. You do not take risks when buying engagement rings from us, but you get the right price for a quality ring.

What Advantages do You Receive When You Buy Engagement Rings in Our Store?

Convenience of choice. Modern innovations allow you to use your computer or phone to choose your own ring, with original inserts from precious stones or diamonds. Aura Diamonds jewelry store guarantees an individual approach and full support from your first appeal to the purchase engagement ring. Feel free to ask us any questions and we will answer all of them.

Time saving. On our website you can get acquainted with a large assortment of engagement rings without leaving your home or workplace.

Wide selection. Our site contains an extensive collection of engagement rings, in which everyone can choose the most suitable jewelry for themselves.

Customer service. If it is difficult for you to make a ring choice or need additional information, then our specialists will expertly answer all your questions. At your service is the option online consultant, with which you can get a full consultation at a convenient time for you.

Engagement rings DallasEngagement rings Dallas

What’s the Most Popular Type of Engagement Ring in Dallas Texas?

So, every couple and every engagement ring are different. But when you’re in the business as long as us you pick up on trends. When shopping for engagement rings for women the current most popular style is the halo engagement ring. With a brilliant center diamond and a literal halo of smaller stones surrounding it the halo style engagement ring displays your happy relationship status. This ring will fill with brilliance, class, and flair. Wearing a halo diamond engagement ring will make any woman feel like the queen of happiness and romance.

Many couples choose the halo style engagement ring. This ring it allows for a smaller (but still brilliant) center diamond. Because, the halo of small stones reflect light and brilliance from every angle ensuring a fiery diamond appearance for their engagement ring.

So, if you’re not into the design of the halo engagement ring- don’t worry! Above all, Aura Diamonds offers a wide inventory of styles and designs. Our diamonds are cut only by the finest crafters into the shapes our clients love. From the classic round to the emerald cut or cushion cut (and everything in between) you’ll find it at your Dallas engagement ring wholesale store, Aura Diamonds!

How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring Dallas?

Shopping for an Dallas engagement ring doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Our in jewelry store and online experts are here to help! We offer a special course just for our clients to help you understand the traits of a signature diamond.

The first step in engagement ring shopping is understanding your budget. Aura Diamonds are proud to provide engagement rings Dallas for all budgets. Knowing your budget is an important step in the process, because going over budget and finding yourself in a bind isn’t romantic at all. Your diamond engagement ring should change your life for the better not for the worse! Brilliant and beautiful engagement rings can be found in any budget if you do your research first.

To buy the perfect engagement ring in Dallas you need to understand the 4Cs of diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. Each of these traits will play a big part in both the diamond engagement ring you purchase, and the price tag attached.

Most Dallas engagement ring shoppers begin their diamond engagement ring shopping experience by browsing and researching online. Understanding the 4Cs is just the beginning. From there you need to decide which metal you’d like the band to be, which setting style you want for your diamond engagement ring. Also, the shape of the diamond (and how many diamonds) you want for your engagement ring, and much more.

Engagement Rings Dallas TexasEngagement Rings Dallas Texas

Where to buy Engagement Rings Dallas?

The place to buy a engagement ring plays a big role. The choice of a jeweler is a great responsibility not only to the buyer. So, a jeweler, this is the person who connects you between the pleasant feeling of buying a piece of happiness. Thus, to buy an engagement ring from us, it is also to buy a piece of your future happiness.

For example, you’ve found the special lady with you want to spend the rest of your life. Finally you know in your heart it’s time to pop the question. The only thing you’ve left to do is find the perfect engagement ring. At now you want a ring just as special and perfect as she is. And now you’ve come to the right place.

So, our Diamond Showroom is the Best place to buy and choose an engagement rings in this year. First off all we have an individual approach to the client. Most noteworthy is the large choice of diamond rings in our store. Also, diamond rings Dallas you can find in our diamond store online which gives you the opportunity to choose a ring already here. It's no secret that we are located in the center of Dallas, where it will be convenient for you to reach us, as well as spend time comfortably selecting the beautiful diamond ring.

Dallas Engagement Ring: few things determine your perfect diamond ring

So, we come to the one most important thing. We have made some tips for pinpointing your choice of engagement ring for you. This can save you not only money, but also time. Given that in internet and many other sites have information on choosing a ring, size, color and much more. In our selection, we selected the most important nuances for choosing and buying a engagement ring.

Ring Style. You know her well and you know her style and that’s a good starting point. Is she a vintage, modern, or classically traditional woman?

Vintage Style. Vintage styles bring to mind antiques and heirlooms. They’re old-fashioned but have become trendy recently. They’re complimentary to a lady whose style is romantic, boho-chic, or vintage.

Modern Style. Modern engagement ring styles are bold and usually large. Split-spank setting aren’t an uncommon feature of these diamond engagement rings Dallas. Modern engagement rings are complementary to a lady with a bold sense of style and self. She’s the one who’s not afraid to try new trends and mix-match her favorites to put together a unique outfit that’s all her own.

Classic Style. Classic engagement rings are the style most people are familiar with. With a single diamond or perhaps a trio in a channel setting they’re by far a classic favorite of brides-to-be. They’re complimentary with any style and personality. Though, they do appeal to those with old-fashioned romantic charm.

Choose wisely. The choice is always difficult when there are many jewelry stores, such as in Dallas. But, in order not to make a mistake with the right choice of a jeweler, always ask if they accredited by some leading organizations like the Gemological Institute of America. Aura Diamonds are accredited jewelers.

Know her ring size. You cannot buy a ring exactly without knowing the size of her ring. All such purchases without knowing its size will be in vain. The easiest way to find out her ring size is to ask her relatives or friends.

Choose metal. The choice of metal from which the ring will be is very important. There are different metal choices: gold, platinum, silver. It all depends on the preferences and taste of the bride and groom.

The choice of Diamond. This is where you need the 4Cs of diamonds. Decide on the cut, carat, clarity, and color. These are the four things that will not only affect your budget. But also how your diamond looks on her hand. The diamond is the heart of any engagement ring. So, learning about diamond types ahead of time will help you in the long run.

Your Budget. There’s no need to break the bank when finding the perfect ring. Deciding how much you want to invest ahead of time before you ever start shopping. This will ensure you’re happy with the ring and don’t find yourself in a tight spot later. Also consider such details as future cleanings, maintenance, and insurance if you desire it.

How to find our store, near Dallas, to buy Engagement Ring?

We're here to answer all your questions of quality, diamonds and engagement rings. Aura Diamonds is your diamond and engagement ring wholesale dealer of Dallas. If you need educate themselves on engagement ring buying or advice you can find us on map:

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Dallas, TX 75207

(214) 389-2323

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