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Budget of Engagement Ring

When trying to find the perfect diamond engagement ring on the budget many are going to wonder, "How much should I spend on an engagement ring?" It all depends on you, there is no right or wrong answer.

There are three things that will influence the price of the Engagement ring:

  • Carat Weight of Engagement Ring, especially the Center Stone
  • Quality of the Diamonds in the Engagement Ring, especially the Center Stone
  • The intricate style and designs of the Engagement Ring

Most expensive part of the ring

Most of the time, the most expensive part of the ring, is the center stone. Changing the carat weight of the center stone can dramatically help your budget. When it comes to reducing the carat weight the slightest change may yield the most to your budget.

For example: Diamonds are priced in carat weights in a particular way. Diamonds that weigh 0.75ct, 0.85ct, 0.90ct, and 1.00ct are all priced differently regardless of quality. The difference can be a fifth of a millimeter in diameter. More importantly, the change in carat weight may save you 20%.

When buying a diamond, the most important element is how beautiful the diamond appears. You will focus on the color, cut, and clarity. The sparkle is most definitely from the cut and that is noticeable from a distance. The color is also noticeable from a distance.

Clarity is the one area that may help you here. A diamond that is properly graded as a SI1, VS1, or VVS1 should be near impossible to tell the difference to the naked eye. Unless you are insisting on a particular clarity, take a look at the difference to its beauty and to the price. If you cannot see the difference, do not pay the difference.

Choosing a metal of engagement rings

Depending on how you set the diamond can have impact on your budget. When choosing a metal, engagement rings will be made in a type of gold or platinum. Gold engagement rings can vary in price depending if it is 14 karat or 18 karat gold. The color will not impact the price as much as the karat of gold you choose. 14 karat gold of any color is less expensive than 18 karat gold.

Even if platinum is 25% less expensive per ounce than gold, more platinum is used to make an engagement ring than gold. The purity content is higher as well making it more expensive.

One of our customer's favorite ways to have more control over the budget is to buy the diamond or center stone without your significant other. This will allow one to control up to 80% of the purchase and adjust the budget as one sees fit without hurting anyone's feelings.

At the same time, allowing your significant other to make the choices on the design of the ring that you have chosen for her which may take around 20% of the budget.

Regardless of the cost, this is the ring she will have for a very long time and the right setting will show the diamond off in an exquisite way reflecting the hard work you put in selecting the diamond.