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Hot Engagement Ring Styles Fall 2022

Fall of 2019 will still see its fair share of halo style engagement rings. One of the minor differences we are seeing is a narrower shank (the band that goes around the finger). The narrow shank makes the center area look larger and allows the center to be the focus. With or without the halo the narrow shank is becoming more popular. Fall of 2019 will see a slight drop off in the halo engagement ring and see more of the attention given to the center stone moving the diamonds down the side of the ring or just the solitaire with no additional diamonds on the shank.

There has been an increase in the three stone ring with fancy shapes as the center and the use of nontraditional shapes on the sides like half-moons, trapezoids. One style that may be coming back is the engagement ring with a long baguette on each side of the center stone. Aura diamonds top three picks for Fall 2019 is the classic solitaire, no halo with diamonds down the sides and the still popular halo engagement ring.

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Hot Diamond Shapes for 2022

Of the many diamond shapes available, some are in stronger demand than others and some are seeing popularity that has not been seen in many years. Today, the round diamond, or round brilliant shape diamond is still the most popular shape and the industry does not expect a change in that in the near future. The round brilliant diamond has been a symbol of man's ability to find perfection in the imperfect. Another popular diamond shape is the cushion shape.

The cushion is the only shape that has rounded corners and can be square or rectangle in shape. The cushion cut can have a brilliant cut similar to the round brilliant. The rounded corners offer a softer look than the sharp corners of the princess cut, which has a lesser demand today. A few years ago, diamond cutters were asking for diamond dealers to send in their oval shape diamonds to be re-cut to meet the demand of the cushion cut.

Today, we are seeing the demand for oval increase in demand that diamond dealers are sending in their marquise shape diamonds to be re-cut into the oval shape diamond. Fall 2019 will see a greater demand for the oval diamond which offers a beautiful long look on the hand without looking like the pointed marquise shape diamond. Unlike the pear or heart shape diamonds, oval shapes still allow for symmetry when designing an engagement ring. Ovals have not seen this type of popularity in a long time.

Aura Diamonds top three picks for Fall 2019 are the Round, Cushion and Oval diamond, they are three uniquely different shapes. Remember, do not worry about trying to pick what is popular, just get what you think she loves.

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Hot Materials for 2022

If you are expecting us to tell you to get your wallets ready because platinum is sweeping the industry, you can relax. White gold is still the most popular. White gold allows still gives off a beautiful cool color that compliments many designs today. White gold still dominates the industry in all types of fine jewelry not just the engagement ring. At Aura Diamonds, we are asked to custom design many engagement rings and one of the hottest requests lately is rose gold. Additionally, rose gold is being added as stackable wedding rings against the white gold engagement ring.

The contrast of the warm rose tones with the cool color of diamonds has created a vogue like the 1920s with the use of black or dark gemstones with white diamonds. Although rose gold is not often associated with antique styles, there is an inexplicable antique look to many rose gold pieces. Rose gold is not a fad, it is a beautiful choice like any other today. Rose gold is usually done in 14 karat gold for durability.

Even though 18kt rose gold is made, many custom jewelers find 18kt harder to work with and will choose to make the design in 14kt. There is no visible difference between 14 and 18 karat gold and thankfully, 14kt is less expensive.

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Hot Designs for 2022

At Aura Diamonds, we love custom designing engagement rings. No matter, how often we make the same style ring we are always find ways to make the design a bit more unique than the last. One way to make the ring more unique is to add a bit of color to the ring. When designing an engagement for you loved one, we have found a way to subtly hide your birthstone in the ring, so there is a bit of you (as a symbol) in the ring (a symbol of you love).

Another hot design for engagement rings is to allow the diamonds in the shank of the ring to be seen, instead of a wall of gold. This design allows for more sparkle at different angles. Fall of 2019 will also see more brides choose a stackable look instead of choosing an exact match to the engagement ring.