Heart Cut Diamonds

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Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart Cut Diamonds Dallas TX

Heart cut diamonds has been a symbol of love for centuries and the heart cut diamonds is no different.  It is believed to be created by Lodewyk Berquem in 1458. In 1562 Mary, Queen of Scotts sent Queen Elizabeth I a heart shaped diamond ring as a symbol of good will.

Heart diamonds Dallas has also appeared in paintings by Frans Pourbous in 1605. And then, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier had written about the heart shape diamond in 1655.  But it was not until the 1900s that the heart shaped diamond was a growing choice among the fancy shaped diamonds.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

The heart shape diamond is one of the more difficult diamonds to cut. Master cutters need to make sure that the symmetry is perfect. Of course symmetry is important to each diamond shape. But the heart is different because the cutter must cut two identical halves to create the beauty that is the heart shape diamond.  Each side of the heart must match. 

There are particular recommendations for the heart shape diamond depending on how you will wear one. If you wear the heart shape diamond as a solitaire. You may want to search for a wider heart shape, creating a more eye-catching look.  Surrounding the diamond in a heart shape halo can help define or establish the shape.

Heart diamonds are usually set as dangle earrings. Because making them into diamond studs are difficult to keep them from turning different directions. Like many other fancy shape diamonds the heart shape is usually not found smaller than  0.20 carats. And when they are found the cut is usually not as precise as a round shape diamond of equal size.

The heart cut diamonds is supposed to have 59 facets in a specific pattern. Therefore, most jewelers recommend 0.50 carat as a minimum as a solitaire. The diamond has a better opportunity to have a beautiful cut. No diamond shape is a better symbol of love, after all a diamond does two wonderful things. They sparkle and diamonds are a symbol of love from person to another.



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