Custom Cut Gemstones


The necessity of having a custom cut gemstones is the product of supply and demand.  Today, the gemstone industry will usually cut (supply) stones in a particular way for two reasons, to maximize its value or it is a popular or calibrated size to fit most types of jewelry.  Most gemstones are cut overseas with the focus on speed and quantity. Therefore little attention is paid to the quality of the cut, creating a poor supply of quality cut gems.  The typical gemstone has a large window or table, wavy or girdle and lacks a solid polish.  Unfortunately, those three areas are crucial to the brilliance and durability of the gemstone.  When a gemstone cutter takes the time to cut the gemstone to maximize its inner fire and beauty. The gem should radiate and glow with a richness that is near impossible to describe. 

In Dallas, Texas, we are seeing a growing demand for custom cut gemstones that have a quality cut much like what is expected in diamonds.  The investment into a quality gemstone is comparable to art or a fine wine.  We are looking for key properties to ensure its value.  The typical gemstone has facet lines that do not meet properly.  We call these 'meet points'.  The gemstone industry has allowed poor meet points for decades. But the diamond industry has not.  We are now finding educated consumers demanding quality in a poorly supplied market. 

Custom Gemstones in Dallas

Our master gemstone cutters will spend 3 - 10 times longer on the polish alone.  The polish will remove blemishes or surface graining that will impede its beauty.  The proper polish of a gemstone is more important than a wax finish on a fine automobile.  If done poorly, the gemstone may need to be re-cut, loosing valuable carat weight.  Combining a masterful cut with a brilliant polish is essential for beauty. But if the girdle (fine outer edge of the stone) is cut too thin or wavy, the gemstone is at risk of being damaged or lost from the mounting.  So, our master gemstone cutters cut each stone with that in mind.  Even though gemstones are softer than diamonds each girdle is inspected to safeguard. So, it will be strong enough to be set by our master jeweler.

Gemstone cutters wishing to maximize their rough will cut as many gemstones they can from a single rough overlooking the opportunity of a larger magnificent gemstone.  In Dallas, Texas we are occasionally called on to locate larger gemstones that are usually not readily available.  Custom cutting a larger gemstone affords the consumer to have the size they are looking for in the shape they desire. And of course, superior craftsmanship.  Large or small, uniquely shaped or traditional Aura Diamonds can custom cut gemstones just for you and the design that it will fit.

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