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Loose Diamonds Dallas TX : Best place to buy Loose Diamonds

Are you looking loose diamonds Dallas? You need to find your best loose diamonds? Our store specializes in sales of loose diamonds. A wide range of different shpes of diamonds, in color, style, size are waiting in our jewelry store in Dallas TX.

The availability of loose diamonds Dallas and Fort-Worth TX, today is better in quality and selection than it was 15 years ago. In the past, consumers were at the mercy of what the retailer chose to carry. Today, the diamonds consumer is savvier and the industry has to change. In Dallas, Texas we have seen the loose diamonds consumer become more educated about diamonds and what it would mean to select the diamond themselves.

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Wholesale Loose Diamonds Dallas TX at Aura Diamonds

Growing interest in diamonds, shapes that were not carried as regular inventory in the brick and mortar stores are having a greater interest. The radiant, asscher and the cushion cut diamond we rarely asked for 20 years ago.

We are sure the internet had much to do with it. Regardless, the consumer has raised their expectations to retailers and wholesale jewelers. Unfortunately, retailers appear to be behind to the demand that consumers are looking for.

Here in Dallas, Texas, we have to be ready with 10 different shapes: Round Diamonds, Princess Diamonds, Cushion Diamonds, Emerald Diamonds, Asscher Diamonds, Radiant Diamonds, Oval Diamonds, Pear Diamonds, Marquise Diamonds and Heart Diamonds shape.

How to choose Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Different shapes of diamonds give you an additional choice of style for you, what form a diamond should be for you or for the second half. For example, radiant cut diamonds may suit you at the same time, but other shapes of diamonds may also suit you too. To decide what shape suits you best visit our store! In our showroom you make sure that you made the right choice with our expert on wholesale loose diamonds.

The fascination of looking over many loose diamonds is wonderful and more helpful in the decision process than having them mounted. When the diamonds are set in a mounting, it is not possible to evaluate or grade the diamond accurately. The setting may influence the color of the diamond and the setting may obscure inclusions that will correctly identify the grade it has been given. Reputable diamond certification companies will not grade a diamond unless it is loose.

Most retailers will have mounted diamonds that are picked from a presorted selection of inventory. Too few diamond consumers discover the luxury of being able to select your own diamond. Perhaps it sounds too difficult. As a wholesale jeweler, we assure you it is not. In fact, it is easier.

You can see more of the diamond, because you can control how and what you see within the diamond. You can magnify each diamond 10x and see each and every facet of the loose diamond. This is a valuable part of the ring shopping experience.

Where to buy Diamond Loose?

While in Dallas, you can visit our showroom and get a 45 minute education course before they even see single stone. Then you actually can choose your perfect diamond loose.

For example, you need a diamond of a certain size and color. You want to choose loose diamond for your loved one for the purpose of a gift or make an offer of a hand and a heart. Our showroom can just show such nuances as the choice of diamond carat, diamond color and even carat weight.

Given that all, our diamonds are gia certified loose diamond. Then you will additionally be convinced of the correct choice of a diamond on your part and our high qualification in Dallas market for the sale diamonds.

How to buy Loose Diamond in Dallas?

In Dallas, Texas, our customers found it easier to control their budget. Looking through a large assortment of diamonds and finding one that fits the shape and style of the ring and their budget. The selection of a diamonds is a personal way for you so show the person you love your devotion to your relationship.

Each diamond in Aura Diamonds has conflict-free and is certified by one of the 3 best laboratories: GIA, AGS or IGI. Buying loose diamonds has become safe for all of our customers. You also can buy diamond loose by appointment.

Our professionals will help you choose a Loose Diamond in Dallas!

We have over 29 years experience working with clients in the sale and selection of loose diamonds Dallas. Our experience shows that before choosing a diamond shape, you should visit the our store. Preliminary consultations with us not be mistake with choice of diamond shape and get a qualified assessment from the professional jewelers in Dallas. You can ask any questions directly on the website online in our site aura.diamonds. Also, you can call us at 214-389-2323 during working hours.



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