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We combined experience in custom jewelry design and wholesale loose diamonds Dallas. You can buy wholesale loose diamonds at Aura Diamonds Showroom in Dallas, TX. Best place to buy loose diamonds Dallas.

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Loose diamonds dallas

Loose Diamonds Dallas TX: Best place to buy Loose Diamonds

Aura Diamonds is the best place to buy loose diamonds Dallas. Our Fine Jewelry Loose Diamonds store specializes in sales of variety of loose diamonds in the Metroplex of DFW. We carry a wide range of different loose diamond shapes, color, style, carats are waiting to be viewed by you in our Jewelry Diamond Store in Dallas, TX.

We are diamonds dealer which carries everything your heart desires in the Loose Diamonds market place in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. In the past, consumers were at the mercy of what the retailer chose to carry. Today, the diamond consumer is savvier and the industry has to change. At Aura Diamonds Dallas, Texas, we have seen that the loose diamonds consumer become more educated about loose diamonds which means that it makes easier for Aura Diamonds Stores to satisfy our clients because we carry a very large variety of loose diamonds unlike any other retailer in the market.

Wholesale Loose Diamonds Dallas TX at Aura Diamonds

The growing interest in diamonds, shapes that were not carried as regular inventory in the brick and mortar stores are having a greater interest. The radiant, asscher and the cushion cut diamond we rarely asked for 20 years ago.

We are sure that using the Internet it has become much easier to search and buy diamonds. Regardless, the consumer has raised their expectations to retailers and wholesale jewelers. Unfortunately, retailers appear to be behind the demand that consumers are looking for.

Here in Dallas, Texas, we have to be ready with 10 different shapes: Round, Princess, Cushion shape, Emerald shape, Asscher shape, Radiant shape, Oval shape, Pear shape, Marquise shape, and Heart shape.

Wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas is now also easy to find. You can buy all the listed above over shapes of diamonds in our store and order them simply online. Our wholesale loose diamonds store located in Dallas, Texas, but this can not stop you from making a purchase in our store from another city using an online order.

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How to Choose Loose Diamonds in Dallas?

Diamonds consist of many different shapes of loose diamonds, some are more popular than others. Round loose diamond is a classic, you cannot go wrong with that choice it's always hot. If you want to stay more in the current trend, pear shape loose diamonds and oval loose diamonds are very hot now. They are very beautiful shapes that take up most of the real-estate on onces hand. Then we have radiant and emerald loose diamonds, very popular shapes with clients that are looking to buy 3 carats and up. Let’s not forget about Aura Diamond owner’s favorite and old classic, the princess cut loose diamond.

This loose diamonds are popular with male audience because of it symmetrical look. The cushion cut loose diamonds is a baby of round and princess loose diamonds that represents both round and princess cut loose diamonds. It does not matter what shape of loose diamond you choose as long as she loves it. To choose the right diamond, you need to come to our loose diamond store showroom! In the Aura Diamonds showroom, we will make sure you make the right choice that she loves with the help of our experts on wholesale loose diamonds. Learn more about 4cs of diamonds.

The fascination of looking over loose diamonds is wonderful and very fun process, especially for women. When the diamonds are set in the mounting, it is not possible to evaluate or grade the loose diamond accurately. The setting may influence the color of the loose diamond and may obscure inclusions that will correctly identify the grade it has been given. Reputable loose diamond certification companies will not grade a diamond unless it is loose from actual engagement ring.

Most retailers will have mounted diamonds picked from a presorted selection of inventory. Too few diamond consumers discover the luxury of being able to select your loose diamond. Perhaps it sounds too difficult, but we are like a wholesale jewelry store we assure you it is not, it is easier. You can see more of the diamond because you can control how and what you see within the loose diamond. You can magnify each loose diamond 10x and see each and every facet of the loose diamond. This is a valuable part of the ring shopping experience.

Loose Diamonds Dallas Loose Diamonds Dallas

Where to find and buy Loose Diamonds for sale?

While in Dallas, you can visit our diamond store showroom and get a 45-minute education course before they even see a single stone. After our educational course, you will be able to decide for yourself what loose diamond do you need, namely in price, color, size or weight. Also, you can determine what shape of diamonds you need.

If you need a diamond of a certain size and color for a personal engagement diamond ring. You can choose from a variety of loose diamonds for engagement rings of all shapes and sizes at our Diamond Store showroom in Dallas all at wholesale diamond prices. Given that the majority of our diamonds are GIA certified loose diamonds and available at an affordable diamond store prices for sale. For all your loose diamond in Dallas need come to Aura Diamonds Store showroom at the World Trade Center and check out our wholesale loose diamond selections of wholesale diamonds in Dallas!

How to buy Loose Diamond in Dallas?

In Dallas, Texas, our customers found it easier to control their budget. Looking through a large assortment of diamonds and finding one that fits the shape and style of the ring and their budget. The selection of diamonds is a personal way for you so show the person you love your devotion to your relationship.

During the purchase process, pay attention to 4 C`s parameters: color, carat, clarity, and cut.

When buying a diamond, the choice of diamond carat size, as a rule, depends on the dimension but also implies an understanding of how quality factors affect the price of diamonds. Carat weight is usually translated into approximate sizes, but depending on how proportional the diamond is, stones of a certain weight can vary greatly in actual size.

Determining the best color gamut of diamonds is a very individual question. Most buyers are mostly worried the diamond does not look yellow to the casual observer. Perfectly cut diamonds look a bit whiter than regular cuts, because they bring the maximum amount of ambient light back into the eye, to some extent suppressing any visible body color of the diamond itself.

When choosing clarity for diamonds, it is interesting to note that very few people buy flawless diamonds. This is because the best clarity of a diamond is essentially indistinguishable from diamonds by several degrees of purity.

Diamond Cut is perhaps the most important of Diamond 4 C`s. Loose diamonds of much lower color and clarity, processed with high precision, can look much more beautiful.

Each diamond in Aura Diamonds has conflict-free and is certified by one of the 3 best laboratories: GIA, AGS or IGI. Buying loose diamonds has become safe for all of our customers, and you can buy diamond loose by appointment.

Top GIA Certified Diamonds in Dallas, TX

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a world leader in the diamond standards. GIA Lab provides various reports on the classification and identification of gems and diamonds. With current practice around the world, it is considered good practice to buy a diamond with a GIA certificate to guarantee you are buying an accurately certified loose diamond.

The first advantage of GIA certified diamonds were appreciated by not mass manufacturers of jewelry, but rather individual jewelers. The fact is the characteristics of the diamonds are indicated in the certificate, and there are often situations on the market where a person without appropriate training is not able to independently evaluate certain characteristics, for example, color and carat.

The second advantage of the GIA certificate in the objectivity of the characteristics for this diamond indicated in it. The main difference of the GIA certificate is it was issued by an independent laboratory, whose employees are not interested in either overstating or underestimating the characteristics of the loose diamond.

Thus, Aura Diamonds has the largest selection of diamonds certified by the GIA. This is our advantage over other sellers and diamond stores. Our range of loose diamonds can surprise any customer. Majority of loose diamonds are GIA certified, and also, we always stand on the sale of only high-quality and certified loose diamonds by GIA.

What Types of Loose Diamonds GIA Certified you can buy?

You can buy these types of GIA certified loose diamonds in our store. Also, you can buy diamonds individually or for your engagement ring. Find the perfect diamond or custom diamond for your custom engagement ring with us!

Our professionals will help you choose a Loose Diamond in Dallas!

We have over 29 years of experience working with clients in the sale and selection of loose diamonds Dallas. Our experience shows that before choosing a loose diamond shape, you should visit our store. Preliminary consultations with us will make a more educated buyer when it comes in choosing a diamond shape and get a qualified assessment from the professional loose diamond expert in Dallas. You can contact us today or ask any questions directly on the website online in our site aura.diamonds. Also, we can be reached by phone at 214-389-2323 during working hours.

Loose Diamonds Dallas Loose Diamonds Dallas
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