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Princess Cut Diamonds
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Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess diamond stands out among the gemstones with its strict form, straight lines and the play of light. At the moment, this is the second most popular type of cut after the classic round diamond.

This diamond was created on the basis of two other cuts, which also had a rectangular shape. A feature of the princess diamond in the increased depth of the diamond, it is in it that the brilliance of the diamond is concentrated. Such proportions provide a high degree of light return to the observer and an effective game of glare from the depths of the gem.

The princess cut diamond price is another of its advantages. Externally, this cut is a pyramid, which allows you to perfectly fit a diamond into it. This minimizes the loss of the initial mass of the gemstone during the cutting process, which reduces the cost of the diamond. But the difference in cost does not mean less attractive diamond of this cut. Such a diamond looks spectacular as the only stone in the engagement ring and surrounded by small diamonds. The correct geometric shape of the cut makes the princess cut diamond one of the favorite stones of jewelers.

Princess Cut Diamonds Dallas TX

At now, princess cut diamonds are a square–like shape cut diamond that is very brilliant.  So, princess cut shape diamonds are the only shape diamond that has a defined 90-degree angle corner.  In the late 1990s the princess cut started to take over as the second most popular shape, replacing the marquise shape.  The art-deco designs in yellow gold were moving to the more modern designs in white gold and the Princess cut was the perfect choice.  It looked nothing like the marquise shape, and neither did the new designs resemble the past decade.  

Because the princess cut's corners give it an unique shape, the head that holds the diamond needed to evolve as well.  We still see the regular head used in the round solitaire for the princess cut, but today a chevron shaped tip holds the diamond in place.  Nothing groundbreaking about it.  The same protection giving the points to marquise and pear shape now protect all four corners of the brilliant princess cut.  

Princess cut diamonds can be square or rectangular creating a very unique princess cut engagement ring.  Whether the diamond is square or rectangle, the pavilion (lower part) of the diamond may vary on the type of cut by counting the chevrons. These facets may vary but the crown (upper part) of the princess cut will remain consistent. Regardless of the number of chevrons, all three are beautiful and brilliant.  The best place to find princess cut diamonds is Aura Diamonds.

princess cut diamonds


Who likes Princess Cut Diamonds?

Unlike many of the other shapes, princess cut diamonds have a unique straight-lined look rather than rounded softer edges. The straight lines of a princess cut appeals to customers liking modern looks. Kate Bosworth wears a classic style princess cut engagement ring with a simple baguette on each side. Hilary Duff had a 14 carat princess cut with trapezoids on the side. Even Jersey Shore’s Snooki wears a princess cut diamond on a band with round diamonds.

Also, the sports star player Hank Baskett made an offer to actress Kendra Wilkinson using a vintage-style openwork ring with a 2.5 carat diamond fixed in the center. Screenwriter Lamar Sally, husband of TV presenter Sherri Shepherd, proposed to her, giving as a sign of his love a classic design ring with a two carat princess cut diamond framed by a pave of small diamonds.

 princess cut diamonds  princess cut diamonds


What is the best setting for a Princess cut diamond engagement ring?

Princess cut diamonds are very flexible when it comes to ring design.  The princess cut is perfect as a solitaire engagement ring or combined with additional stones.  When it comes to the princess cut solitaire engagement ring, some may pick a square shape cathedral engagement setting that you would not normally see on a round cathedral engagement ring.  

The simple solitaire is still a popular choice for the princess cut engagement ring. Princess cuts do allow for a variety of designs. The bold square symmetry combined with the lack of curves can create a beautiful linear look. Princess cut diamonds can be set so many different and bold ways. Kite-set or baseball-set engagement rings is when a square princess cut diamond is set at a 90-degree angle in the setting. The best place to find princess cut diamond style engagement rings is at Aura Diamonds.

princess cut diamonds


The Ideal Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamonds have specific proportions to be considered Ideal.  The table is the top-most part of the diamond and is recommended not to exceed 82% and to be below 56% for average cut. To maximize brilliance, it is recommended to be between 62%-68%. The Ideal Crown Height should be 10-15% to maximize brilliance.   

The girdle (the outer edge of the diamond) should be very thin to slightly thick 1-5.5%. The Polish and Symmetry needs to be Excellent-Good.  Usually the square the diamond is the more brilliant. The Square ratio is recommended to be 0.95-1.05. If the diamond is rectangular 1.5-1.75 is recommended.  The best place to find Ideal loose diamonds is


The Princess Cut Shapes Popularity and Rarity

Many cutters will choose to cut a princess cut when they have the right rough diamond.  A rough diamond will usually produce a heavier princess cut than a round diamond. A 1ct round diamond is approximately 6.50mm across, where as a 1ct princess cut is approximately 5.50mm across.  

Princess cut diamonds have a unique pavilion giving the princess cut more diamond weight in its lower part. In comparison, cutters like to cut round diamonds, which is why we see so few princess cut diamonds.  For more information on princess cut diamonds please visit us at

princess cut diamonds

Where to find the best princess cuts in Dallas

The princess cut is a great choice for an engagement ring for a budget conscious consumer.  The diamond cutter uses most of the rough compared to a round diamond, therefore the reduction of wasted diamond material is passed on to the consumer. In Dallas, Texas we have noticed that a 1.00 carat princess cut may cost less than round diamonds that are smaller of the same quality. 

This opportunity has given consumers additional unique engagement ring choices from the curves of the other shapes they may know.  The princess cut is a welcomed addition to the diamond shapes and the modern engagement rings it has inspired. 

Aura Diamonds has sourced its own rough to cut beautiful, brilliant princess cut diamonds.  So, we select the finest rough and utilize the best cutters to maximize brilliance. Please visit us and you can make an appointment to see our incredible selection.  

Where can you buy a princess cut diamond in Dallas?

Princess diamonds stones are suitable not only for engagement rings, but also for everyday wear rings and for rings for the hand in combination with a dress.

For those who like clean lines, princess cut diamonds should be a great option. A nice additional bonus is the fact that you can buy a larger stone for the same money as compared to a round diamond. Due to the presence of pointed ends, a person who opts for such a stone should not lose sight of his relative relative fragility.

So, you can buy princess cut diamond shapes in Dallas at our store. We have a large assortment of choices for this shapes of diamond in terms of price, carat, clarity, color and certificate. Also, you can select the desired diamond in depth, symmetry, polishing and other parameters. If you want to buy the right princess cut diamond with brilliance and fire, come to our store or leave a question to our managers.

Engagement Rings price for princess diamond in our store:

  1. Princess Halo Engagement Ring for 1.5 ct Center Stone - $ 1,767.00
  2. Square Halo Princess Engagement Ring for 2 ct Stone - $ 4,450.50
  3. 18kt Rose Gold Princess Solitaire Cathedral Engagement Ring - $ 576.16
  4. Platinum Modern Princess Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring - $ 1,100.77
  5. 14kt White Gold 4 Prong Modern Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring - $ 362.88

These are a few examples of princess diamond shapes that are used in engagement rings. You can see all kinds of engagement rings for inserting a princess cut diamond shape in our store!




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