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Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise Cut Diamonds

The marquise diamond shape really appeared several centuries ago, and the fact that it has not lost its popularity until our time speaks of its exceptional advantages.

Marquise diamonds can be called truly royal. To create them, elongated diamonds are selected in order to minimize the loss of size and weight during processing. As a result, an elegant diamond comes out from under the cutter's tool, resembling a boat in shape - wide in the middle and tapering at the ends.

Mathematical accuracy in calculating the location of the faces creates a spectacular play of light that can compete with the brilliance of the princess diamond and a round diamond. Careful selection of a crystal of suitable parameters for cutting minimizes its weight loss in the process, which, ceteris paribus, makes the cost of a marquise diamond less than the cost of a round diamond.

The large marquise diamond looks great as the only insert in the rings - its shape gives the hand grace and subtlety. Surrounded by other diamonds, especially if they are round, oval or pear-shaped stones, it will become the center of a spectacular composition.

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The marquise diamonds with its pointed ends goes back to the 18th century.  Legend says the French King Louis XV commissioned the jeweler of the court to create a shape that would match the smile of his favorite mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marquise of Pompadour.  Regardless if the story is myth, the word Marquise refers to rank in aristocracy. 

Marquise is the feminine form of marquees and falls between a duke and an earl.   The marquise cut diamonds has graced the length of women's hands. Usually in a north to south direction, but on occasion has been set east to west.   The marquise diamond engagement ring was very popular in the 1980s and through the mid 90s.  The shape was rarely used in men's wedding rings or any men's jewelry for that matter. 

There are two issues with marquise cut diamonds that consumers need to be aware of.  The shape of the marquise does make it difficult to cut for brilliance.  Like the oval cut, if the diamond is cut too long or too wide a dark area or shadow will appear creating a bow-tie effect reducing the amount of sparkle.  An ideal proportion of length to width is 2 to 1. But they are usually cut 1.75 - 2.25 to 1. 

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Most consumers never pay attention to the cut of a marquise.  The other issues with the marquise,  is how it is set as an engagement ring or a ring you would wear all the time. It’s important to protect the tips of the diamond.  When setting a marquise of any stone the tips need to be protected and check at least once a year.  So, we recommended using a chevron tipped head to hold the diamond. Because, V shape protects more area around the tips.

Although the marquise is not as popular today as it used be 2 decades ago, design technology has advanced so much.  This has enabled those looking for the different and unusual to use the marquise as its center.  The opportunity to create a long and delicate look is enchanting and dramatic.  The round diamonds did not seem proportionate or they were too over-powering to the marquise center.  

Above all, today's marquise engagement ring has smaller micro prong set diamonds with thin flowing lines that compliment the design and its direction.

Also, to give the diamond a unique shape of the marquise diamond, you need a skilled cutter. If the faceted stone is too long or wide, its brilliance will not be optimal. The sharp ends of the diamond should be completely symmetrical, and the left and right sides of the stone should be mirrored. The slightest error will lead to an imbalance in the shape of the stone. The diamond is held by six teeth: the main part of the stone is fixed on four teeth, and the remaining two, in the shape of the letter “V”, secure its sharp ends.

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Engagement Rings price for marquise diamond in our store:

  1. Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring for 1.5 ct Stone - $ 964.50
  2. Unique Marquise Engagement Ring for 1.5 ct Center Stone - $ 1,516.50
  3. Marquise Halo Engagement Ring for 1.5 ct Center Stone - $ 1,553.75
  4. Marquise Halo Engagement Ring for 1.6 ct Center Stone - $ 1,800.00
  5. 10kt White Gold Marquise Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring - $ 276.35

These are a few examples of marquise diamond shapes that are used in engagement rings. You can see all kinds of engagement rings for inserting a marquise diamond shape in our store!

Where can you buy a marquise diamond in Dallas?

The enchanting marquise diamond is a diamond that has attracted attention for many centuries with its beauty and alluring brilliance. That is why marquise diamond is the object of desire for men and women around the world. The rays of light falling on the stone are reflected, due to which the marquise diamond shines with many bright sparks that create a unique sparkle.

A graceful engagement ring with a marquise-cut diamond surrounded by small diamonds can adorn a woman's hand. Classic or vintage diamond ring with marquise diamond in white gold and universal design, complement the irresistible image of a woman at a holiday or party.

You can buy marquise diamond shapes in Dallas at our store. We have a large assortment of choices for this shapes of diamond in terms of price, carat, clarity, color and certificate. Also, you can select the desired diamond in depth, symmetry, polishing and other parameters. If you want to buy the right marquise diamond with brilliance and fire, come to our store or leave a question to our managers.



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