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How to Choose a Diamond?

When trying to choose the perfect diamond, many will concern themselves with the same few things. What shape should I get? How big? What quality? We call the this SSS. SHAPE, SIZE (carat), SPARKLE (quality)

Shape, Size and Sparkle is usually decided in that order. When it comes to choosing the shape, you should get the diamond shape she wants. Hints may have been dropped with off-hand remarks, or in the face hints in your email or texts. She may even have a Pinterest account. If you are doing this with no help at all, you may need to see what shapes there are. Diamond have been cut into many different shapes for centuries.

Today's more popular diamond shapes have been round, princess, cushion, oval, and emerald cut. Each one looks very different from another and can completely change the look of the ring. Once you think you have an idea of what shape you will be getting, you will then need to figure out how big the diamond should be. This may depend on a variety of issues, other than quality and budget. Will it be set with other diamonds or gemstones?

Will it be a solitaire? Most retail stores will set around 0.38 - 0.50 carat center diamond of average quality in their engagement rings. This part has been chosen for you with little chance that you have chosen the perfect diamond. The only thing it has truly done to help you is show you how it may look with additional diamonds in the ring. From there you have probably decided if you liked the carat weights you have been seeing. Without thinking about it, you have been judging the sparkle or quality the entire time you have been looking.

From there you are now needing to know the 4 Cs. This is where you will need to take your time and compare diamond to diamond. The 4 Cs are specific characteristics that the diamond possesses and it is crucial to understand them. Without going into detail on the 4 Cs here is the process that you will go through on that final step of discovering the quality of the diamond you are looking for. When choosing that perfect diamond, cut is the reason why the shape you chose will sparkle. When discussing cut, we do not mean the shape of the diamond. All diamond shapes sparkle, although some shapes can sparkle more than others.

Do not change your diamond shape if she has chosen one. It is the shape of the diamond that completes its beauty. From there, pick a diamond that has the color that will look good in the ring style you chose. The color of the diamond, as well as it's cut, is noticeable from a small distance. Next is the clarity or how clean the diamond appears to the naked eye or under magnification. Many people, when it comes to clarity, will pick a diamond that has no visible inclusions to the naked eye and not worry about how visible it is under magnification. After all, the cut and color is visible from many feet away, but only clarity is graded up close and with magnification.

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