Our Engagement Ring Buying Guide For Guys

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and matrimony. According to one version, the tradition of exchanging rings in wedding has become widespread since the 9th century. Why does the ring play a crucial role as a symbol of love? It is believed that its circular closed form in engagement ring is the best sign of stability, inseparability and immutability.

But how to buy an engagement ring? What you need to know to buy a ring? We will consider these questions and more below in our guide.

Step 1 – Determine the Shape of the Diamond

How to buy an engagement ring? This question is always relevant. The first step of buying ring is finding out what shape diamond you want as your center stone.  For example, in our store we have many choices. Like Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Radiant, Pear, Trillian or Heart cut diamonds.  If you are unsure, round cut diamonds are the most brilliant and allows for symmetrical designs. The Trillian, Heart, and Pear shape diamonds are not symmetrical stones, having a definite type and bottom of the diamond. This may be important to the person wearing the diamond. Because the diamond will be pointing either away or at them.

Popular shapes today are round, oval, emerald, cushion and radiant cuts. The oval diamonds are longer look and most of it carat weight is on top of the diamond so on the finger it may look larger than round or cushion. The round diamonds are more symmetrical and are most brilliant (sparkle) of them. So, all that why on average round diamonds are more expensive by at least 20% than any other shape.  The round and emerald cut diamond is used to create many vintage or classic looking engagement rings.

Why in the first step you need to choose a diamond shape? Because a diamond is the center of the ring and the shape of your future ring. If the ring is without a diamond, then you should skip this step. Otherwise, select the diamond shape and go to the next step.


Step 2 – Determine Your Budget

Now that you know what shape of the diamond you want, how much do you want to spend?   This will help you figure out the size (carat weight of diamond) and quality (color and clarity) of diamond that can fit your budget.  Just to give you a ballpark idea of what a center stone diamonds can cost. For example, 1 carat Round can range anywhere from $5k to $14k depending on color and clarity of the stone.  A decent 2 carats round diamond my only start off with at least $10k.

If for some reason your budget does not allows you do get the ring she really deserves. We highly recommend to take advantage of 0% Financing.  Aura Diamonds offers number 0% plans for 6, 9 and 12 months periods determine on the amount you are looking to finance with Aura Diamonds. Before we start looking at diamonds please let your diamonds expert know that you are looking to finance your engagement ring. So, he can run your credit and determine your possible budget.       

It is no secret that, depending on your budget, your ring will be formed. Thus, regardless of the amount, our rings will be attractive on the finger of your loved one.


Step 3 – Determine size of a center diamond and what quality

Now that you know the shape and how much you want to spend you should have an idea of the size and quality of the diamond.  If you raise the quality too high, the carat weight may have to come down to stay in your budget. Aura Diamonds recommends that you try not to get to high of a quality that is only noticeable under magnification.  Doing this will decrease the carat weight of the diamond, which is more noticeable to the eye. For a diamond lesson please contact us. We would be happy at Aura Diamonds to teach about diamond quality and how to select the perfect diamond.  In Aura Diamonds website, Education section is great start on learning about diamonds and engagement rings.

The quality of a carat diamond is always a luxury. But it’s not a luxury to make a marriage proposal, to make a gift. And also, a gift for Christmas or New Year. When buying comes from the heart, the quality of diamonds only grows.


Step 4 – Finalized the Style of the Engagement Ring

There are so many styles of engagement rings.  The Solitaire engagement ring is a classic style with the center diamond atop a gold or platinum ring.   The solitaire is a great way to set a diamond and propose if you are unsure of the style that she may like.   The halo style engagement ring is very popular. Surrounding the center stone in diamonds creates a larger look and frames the center stone beautifully.  Another popular look is a three diamond ring. Three diamonds engagement ring of the same shape where the center diamond is slightly larger than the side stones. It is obvious that there are many styles to choose from.

This is the final step in buying your ring. The diamond and the ring are selected, it remains to take only one step for you. And this is to buy a engagement ring. With our experts you can discuss each step and finalize a deal.

If you would like to discuss different style of engagement rings or how to buy an engagement ring, please call us 214-389-2323. We will be happy to go through this steps with you until you buy the best ring.

How to Buy Engagement Ring