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Round Diamond

A recognized and highly regarded shape in the industry, the round diamond possesses a brilliance and luster unlike any other cut. The shape conveys a level of timelessness that transcends style and exudes modernism. The round shape is for the timeless minded bride. Choose here.

round diamond

Princess Diamond

Another highly sought after shape, the Princess cut diamonds is a versatile style that pairs well in many types of settings. Since the diamond is cut to have four defined corners, prongs cradle the stone to protect it. Brides who choose the Princess cut look for timelessness with a bit of an edgy taste.

princess diamond

Emerald Diamond

The Emerald cut Diamonds focally draws the eye inward into a "hall of mirrors' type of effect that commands an immersive amount of depth. The stair-stepping effect gives the diamond's rectangular shape a delicate, slender set of faceting that cascades downward on the sides. The Emerald cut is for the confident bride that is not shy in taking risks in her style.

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emerald diamond

Cushion Diamond

Evoking the principles of its namesake, the cuts of the Cushion cut diamonds create the illusion of a soft pillow form through its faceting. Representing one of the hallmarks of the diamond industry, the Cushion cut exudes elegance in its appearance, making it the perfect diamond for the romantic and reverent bride.

cushion diamond

Asscher Diamond

Evoking strong similarities to the Emerald cut diamond, the Asscher form is differentiated only by its square cut. It is a subtle difference upon first glance but offers a higher degree through the larger stepping in the facets, the higher crown, and a smaller table. The diamond was a staple cut of the 1920s and tailors itself well to the bride that seeks a bit of a vintage yet elegant style. To select this diamond, go here.

asscher diamond

Radiant Diamond

The Radiant cut Diamonds is perhaps one of the most unique cuts due to its rarity as cross between a cushion cut and princess cut diamond. Brides who choose the Radiant cut find this style to exude confidence in a fun and flirty way.

radiant diamond

Heart Diamond

A true symbol of love, the physical cut of the diamond into a heart cut diamonds yields an impeccable and uniquely executed setting. It is the perfect shape to symbolize the meaning of the moment for a lifetime.

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heart diamond

Oval Diamond

A cut with a high degree of brilliance the Oval cut diamond suits well in a solitaire setting for the bride with a delicate hand. The visual cues make the diamond appear longer on the hand and accentuate the slenderness of the finger. It is a bold and innovative cut, perfect for the bride who desires something truly unique.

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oval diamond

Marquise Diamond

A narrow, elliptical shape, the Marquise diamond gives the stone a larger visual appearance and, in turn, allows the fingers to appear more slender and delicate. The Marquise diamond is the perfect setting for a bride who seeks an elegant style. Learn more.

marquise diamond

Pear Diamond

Shaped like a teardrop, the Pear cut diamond is a combination of the round and marquis forms. When set the Pear diamond is positioned with the tapered end toward the wearer, setting the prominence of the stone perfectly in view. The Pear cut diamond is unique, a perfect fit for the adventurous bride. Choose your own pear cut diamonds.

pear diamond