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​Engagement Ring Trends for 2023: Styles Your Bride-To-Be Will Love

Introduction in Engagement Ring Trends

The engagement ring is one of the most important jewelry decisions a couple will make. As we move into 2023, exciting new engagement ring styles and trends are emerging. Classic silhouettes are getting modern updates as brides dream up unique ring designs. From the diamond cut to the metal band, every detail offers an opportunity to express personal style. Read on for an overview of the chic and creative engagement ring trends that brides-to-be are loving for 2023.

Oval and pear-shaped stones:

Look for oval and pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones to be one of the hottest engagement ring trends this year. The teardrop shape of pear cuts and the elongated outline of ovals create a slimming effect on the fingers. A halo of smaller stones surrounding an oval center diamond is a popular 2023 take on this romantic silhouette. These softer stone shapes also work beautifully with rose gold and platinum diamond settings.

Two-tone bands:

Two-tone metal bands are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to update traditional engagement ring styles. Rings that incorporate white gold and yellow gold, or rose gold and platinum, provide contrast and visual interest. Some of the most popular designs feature a two-tone twist effect or etchings throughout the mixed metals. Pairs of thin, interlocking two-tone bands are also stylish for a contemporary stacked look.

Hidden halos:

Halo settings will continue to be a top request, but with a 2023 twist. Hidden Halos feature tiny diamonds embedded in the underside of the band, surrounding the center stone with an intimate circle of sparkle. From the top, the diamond appears solitaire-style until the wearer rotates the ring to reveal the dazzling hidden detail. It's an innovative take on the halo that adds an extra layer of beauty.

Engraved Bands:

Today's couples are personalizing their engagement rings with engraved messages, dates and symbols. From romantic lyrics to the coordinates of a favorite location, engraved details add sentimentality. Etched leaf patterns, geometric shapes, or inlaid gemstones also elevate plain bands. Companies are embracing custom engraving to help each ring tell the couple's unique love story.

Sapphires and Gemstones:

Vibrant sapphires, emeralds and rubies are replacing diamonds as the focal point of modern engagement rings. Couples are choosing rings centered around their birthstone or favorite colored gemstone. Halo settings and three-stone designs showcase these vibrant gems. Sophisticated black diamonds and onyx are also on the rise for feminine, edgy statement rings.

Here is a summary:

  • Classic engagement ring styles are getting modern updates in 2023, with brides dreaming up unique designs.
  • Oval and pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones are trending, often framed by halos of smaller stones. These elongated shapes are romantic and slimming on the finger.
  • Two-tone bands mixing metals like white and yellow gold are popular for contrast and visual interest. Two-tone twisted shapes or thin stacked bands are on-trend.
  • Hidden halos feature tiny diamonds encircling the center stone under the band, revealed when the ring is rotated. This puts a novel twist on the classic halo.
  • Engraved personal messages, dates, lyrics, patterns, and symbols allow couples to customize their rings with sentimental details.
  • Colorful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are replacing diamonds as the focal point in modern engagement rings.
  • Black diamonds and onyx are also fashionable for bold, edgy statement rings.

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