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To accurately get your size, you should be measured by a professional. There are different types of measuring tools that professionals use. The style of the ring can impact the fit, the wider the ring the tighter the fit. Pipe cut bands fit tighter than comfort fit bands of the same width. The narrower the ring the looser it may fit. Tall or dome rings that have an empty space between the inside of the ring and your finger, fit looser than a ring that wears close to your skin. If you are unsure how the design of a ring may impact the size please call us Aura Diamonds for advice.

If you are unable to come in and get your finger sized instore, below you will find three ways to measure your finger at home. It may be necessary to try all three. The Circle Test allows you to secretly get a finger size of ring that your significant other already has. Make sure that their ring is worn on the correct hand and finger you need the size from. Many people will have a half size difference from their right hand to their left hand. This undercover method may be the only way for you to get the ring sized and be able to surprise them with it. The String Test is a good test as long as you do it multiple times. The String Test will get you very close to the size you need, because the difference between sizes can be within a millimeter. The Paper Test may get you close to the size you need. Since paper is very delicate to wrap around your finger, it is better to have someone help you with the Paper Test. A slight bend or flex of the finger will impact the outcome.

Download PDF file for sizing of the ring.