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Tips When Shopping for a Quality Engagement Ring

Engagement rings play one of the most important roles on the wedding day and stay with you for life. At the same time, newlyweds often believe that it is not so difficult to choose rings and therefore postpone the purchase until the last moment. And when future newlyweds come to the store, they can easily gt confused in the variety of choices. We have prepared for you the most important tips to help you choose your engagement rings.

Quality Engagement Ring

Take care of the purchase in advance

Even if you imagine what kind of model you want, the right size / design may not be in the store when you get there. In addition, you may have to slightly reduce the size of the ring, which will take extra time. If you decide to make engraving on engagement rings, then you must also take care of this issue in advance and discuss the details with the jeweler. Since, this work will also take some time. So, below we will give some tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring for you.

Convenience and style

Decide on the style of the engagement ring. A simple ring design will be more convenient in everyday life. Especially if you have to do a lot of work with your hands. Engagement ring should not be too heavy, as well as with outstanding details that will cling to the hair and interfere. You can get used to the ideal ring very quickly and you won’t feel it. The style of the ring should be moderately classic. So that the ring fits both jeans and the evening dress, and besides it looked appropriate after 10 years of marriage, so that you can proudly carry it your whole life.

The design of the rings of the bride and groom may be a little different. So, do not worry if you are unable to pick up absolutely identical rings. The main thing is that some common detail is read in the rings, for example, the same color of gold, engraving.

Pick the rings that suit you

When choosing a engagement ring, remember that it should be combined with the shape of your hand and especially the thickness of your finger. If you have long fingers, then you can choose rings of different widths. In the case of short fingers, wide rings should be avoided, as they will further shorten the bride's fingers. Also, carefully choose large rings, as in some cases they may look strange and inappropriate.

Do not be upset if now you can not afford the ring that you really dream about. You can always enjoy myself with the new ring of your dreams for your wedding anniversary, and replace the original engagement rings with new ones.

Pay attention to the quality of the ring

Gold engagement rings (14k) or (18k) are not only classics, but also the optimal choice for many newlyweds. Gold rings (23k) are certainly beautiful, but too soft for everyday wear. Recently, engagement rings made of gold (10k) are more and more common. It is also a good choice of engagement ring.

Platinum is characterized by increased hardness, purity and wear. Its only drawback is the high price. Palladium engagement rings are a great alternative to white gold. Products from this material are gradually gaining popularity among customers.

Well-known global manufacturers still indicate the brand name of the manufacturer on the ring. If you are allergic to any metal, then it makes sense to pay attention to platinum, since this metal is hypoallergenic for most people.

Ring size

It is worth considering that you will wear a engagement ring, almost without removing it. Therefore, it should sit perfectly on your finger. If the ring is large, then you will easily lose it. Too tight a ring can adversely affect your health. Do not forget that under the influence of various circumstances the size of your fingers may change.

In hot or very cold weather, the initial size of the fingers may vary in size, increasing or decreasing, respectively. For example, this also happens in the morning, after physical exercise. So you need to try on the ring at room temperature and when you are absolutely relaxed.

The combination of rings

Often, brides plan to wear an engagement ring along with the ring that the bridegroom presented when making you an offer. In this option, it makes sense to select in advance. So that the rigs look beautiful together. It is better that the rings are made of metal of the same color. The engagement ring should repeat the style of the ring, and be simple enough, either in the form of a classic rim, or decorated with several small stones that will emphasize the stone in the engagement ring.

Ring on a finger

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