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​Three Ways to Shop for the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

engagement ring of your dreams

When are you planning your engagement, what is the most important thing about the event? Finding the right words of love? Choose a romantic place for a declaration of love? Of course, but no less important is to buy the perfect engagement ring - the main symbol of two hearts uniting.

What Is Engagement? Why This Is So Important?

Today, many couples live without an official announcement of their engagement and wedding. Laws and traditions allow for this. Still, an engagement is one of the most important events in life, especially if you are going to propose to the person with whom you plan to live a long and happy life.

If you have a little more time and want your diamond engagement ring to feel a little more unique to her. So, this option is the best to you. If you’ve done your research and have a particular diamond cut or setting in mind this allows you to pair together the best of both worlds. In store, you’ll be able to view your options under a high-powered microscope to see its true brilliance just like the professionals do.

What is engagement? This is a mutual official recognition of the partners' feelings for each other, a formal declaration of their readiness to become husband and wife, the transition of a man to the status of a groom, and a woman to a status of a bride. Often, a modern engagement is accompanied by an acquaintance with relatives of the soulmate, such a meeting usually takes place in a festive atmosphere. And, of course, a man gives his beloved an engagement ring. A girl at an engagement is called engaged: she becomes a bride when she accepts a man's marriage proposal

What Is Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is the main symbol of the changes that are taking place in lovers. From just a guy and a girl, they turn into a bride and groom. An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that a man presents to his beloved at the moment when he proposes to her. Most often, the long-awaited moment happens in a special setting and unexpectedly for the chosen one. If a positive answer is received to the main question, an official announcement of the future spouses about the decision to start a family follows.

From the moment she receives the ring and accepts the offer, a woman is considered betrothed and traditionally puts the jewelry on her ring finger. As a symbol of this promise and devotion, the bride-to-be wears the engagement ring up to the wedding ceremony, and in many cases even after it, along with the wedding ring.

In the old days, an engagement ring was given not just as a gift, it represented a real financial commitment to the future bride's family. The fact is that before the marriage, young girls were supported by their parents, and then by their husbands. At the same time, the engagement ring performed two functions at once: the first was that demonstrating the jewelry, the young girl made it clear that she no longer considered marriage proposals, and the second - the product was a symbol of the social status and solvency of the future spouse.

Why Do Engagement Rings Need to Be Something Special?

Unlike an engagement ring, which is often very laconic and modest, albeit expensive, an engagement ring embodies all the strongest feelings and desires. Therefore, it can be of almost any design. Most often these are jewelry with stones - one or more - and for engagement rings, the gemstone can be very large. If you choose among gemstones, an engagement ring with diamonds is the best solution because a diamond not only looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive but is also considered a symbol of strength. And it is this quality that all lovers want for their marriage.

Top Celebrity Engagement Rings. Trend 2021

If you're still in search of your perfect engagement ring, the best way to catch up on fashion trends and see bright ideas for this piece is to look at examples of celebrity rings. In recent years, we have been surprised by stylish and beautiful engagement rings:

  • Jennifer Lopez - her chosen one gave her a very stylish ring with an emerald-cut diamond of as much as 16 carats.
  • Supermodel Karlie Kloss also loves bigger stones - on her engagement ring, the diamond was 8 carats, and the bezel itself was decorated with miniature pavé stones
  • In February, Paris Hilton announced her engagement. Surprisingly, she also opted for an emerald-cut diamond ring and a halo of 15 small stones
  • Know your budget a head of time and stick to it. There’s a lot of old sayings about how much an engagement ring should cost. Take them all with a pinch of salt and consider what you can realistically invest in your diamond engagement ring.
  • Ashley Greene received a ring with an oval clear diamond as a marriage proposal.As you can see, diamonds are always trendy, and the bigger they are, the better effect you'll get when presenting them

Advice for Choosing an Engagement Ring with Diamond for Her

We have some tips on how to choose a ring that will definitely make your beloved sigh of admiration. If you want to surprise her with the engagement, follow them and you will definitely not go wrong.

  • Find out which style of jewelry your chosen one already has. It is better when the engagement ring matches the rest of her jewelry.
  • Think about which style she would like more: modern, vintage, art deco, minimalism or steampunk? Or maybe she is a fan of the classics?
  • What about gemstone? Of course, a diamond! It is not only the most durable but also the most beautiful. Diamonds are graded according to 4 main criteria (aka 4CS - carat, cut, clarity and color). And this means that you can choose a stone of unique characteristics for the ring. It is equally important to choose the type of ring: Solitaire, Pave, Side Stone, Three Stone, Halo, Vintage, Unique. Each of them is good in its own way, and only you can understand which one you like more. And don't forget about choosing a diamond shape: Round, Pear, Princess, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Emerald, Heart, Cushion, Asscher - they are all good for engagement rings. Just choose natural diamonds because they will not only be a luxurious gift but also a good investment in your future life together.
  • What metal would you like the ring from? Today the best choice is, of course, gold. And it can be not only yellow but also white, exquisite and cold, red, bright and rich, lemon - with a slight green haze. And for romantic girls, rose gold rings are simply created
  • The character of the bride-to-be is also important: if your girlfriend is active and loves practical things, a ring with a low-rise stone, or in a solid frame will be a good solution. For those who are not engaged in vigorous activity and are not afraid to damage the stone in the ring, you can choose more convex designs.
  • And, of course, you need to choose the size. You can secretly grab her ring and show it to a jeweler, or match it with templates from the Internet, carefully measure the circumference of your finger with a thread, or simply ask her casually what size she wears

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