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In jewelry there are many kinds of precious stones. But, with good reason, the most beautiful and popular among them is the diamond. This gemstone is the most expensive. This is due to labor intensity of diamond mining process.

Diamonds can be natural and artificial. Natural diamonds are pretty far into the ground. Such depth and pressure, ­­in conjunction with a high temperature, contribute to the formation of diamonds, but, besides these natural conditions, this process takes time. A lot of time.

Formation of diamond from graphite happened more than a few million years ago. After this time, during volcanic explosions, magma brings rocks up to the surface. This is how diamond mines are formed, which are called kimberlite pipes.

Due to rarity and complex conditions of mining, the diamond is expensive. But for a long time people tried to facilitate the mining, and finally they succeeded. Now the whole diamond mining process is optimized, as much as possible, and therefore the prices are not so high now.

Two centuries ago people started finding ways how to create a diamond in a laboratory. Nevertheless, it was crowned with success. Scientists made everything necessary for growing diamonds in any quantity.

Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural. There are no impurities at all. However, customers should treat artificial stones cautiously.

Every jeweler cares about his reputation, and obviously doesn't want to tarnish his image by using fake gemstones. The use of fake gems can damage jeweler’s career.

Famous jewelry companies use natural gemstones only, and they can guarantee that.

In order to prove gemstone’s origin, a special certificate for every piece of jewelry is to be provided. In particular, it guarantees the purity of a gemstone.

Therefore, in order to be sure that the gemstone is conflict free, you should choose a jewelry company that can provide such certificates. You should also be careful of the jewelry company’s reputation.

Aura Diamonds offers its clients conflict-free and certified diamonds only.

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