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Where to buy engagement rings?

So, you are going to ask for your beloved's hand, and you need to give her an engagement ring. Of course, it would be nice to ask her and buy the one she likes, but what if you want to make the proposal a real surprise? You have to act alone. Yet, before you make a purchase, you'd better explore her taste in engagement rings perfectly. This can be done very cleverly. Also, as a rule, in addition to the ring itself, they are also looking for the perfect diamond, which can be bought from a diamond broker.

Where is the best place to buy an engagement ring?

First up, avoid asking uncovering questions like "Honey, what kind ofrings do you like? Gold, platinum or silver ". Of course – she'll get it immediately, and everything can go wrong.

For example, she will freak out or something like that. Once again - act more cunning. For example, say that your sister is set for buying a necklace, and she have been annoying you with the question "Which one is better?" Then your future bride will tell what she thinks about different precious metals.

The same should be done for the engravings, ornaments, stones and other nuances of your future wedding rings. You'd better ask about these nuances one by one with some intervals. Then she will definitely never know.

If you need to shop for the perfect engagement ring, then check out the best places to get it. There are several options: jewelry store, custom-built, jewelry exhibition, pawnshop. Let's consider each of them.

Buy engagement ring in jewelry store

Perhaps, it is the most common option. And this is not surprising, because there is a huge selection of wedding rings. But don't hurry when you buy a ring. Stake out a whole day for that (tell her you went to your grandma's) and make a plan, to visit several jewelry stores. Don't do it "manly": just came, saw, grabbed, and walked away. Take your time, compare rings and choose the best one.

Custom-built ring

As you know it can cost a pretty penny, as any other handicraft stuff, unless you are going to a wholesaler. But if your beloved is crazy about this, it is worth it. But this option is more complicated, you will have to come up with the shape of a ring for your future wife. So it's worth thinking about consulting her. Just make sure that they have a designer that does this sort of thing.

Jewelry Show

Very original solution for those who want to buy something unusual but, for some reason, unwilling to order a custom-built ring. In fact, such exhibitions present handicraft jewelry. The thing is you can choose among them.These can be more expensive than the regular merchandise.