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How To Spot a Fake Diamond!

To the non trained eye, it can be a challenge to differentiate between a real diamond and a fake one or a synthetic alternative as cubic zirconia, moissanite or lab-created white sapphire. Therefore, the article shows several techniques on how to discover between genuine and fake. Some of the methods are very simple and can be done with very little effort using everyday tools that can be found at home.

One way not mentioned in the article is a very is a very old way. Place a diamond on the tip of your tongue. It will feel cool like ice. The diamond naturally draws heat away. This is also where the term ‘ice’ for diamond originated. As unusual as some of the tests are, a trusted Jeweler is the best recommendation. Whether you’re looking for an Engagement Ring, Earring studs or beautifully designed jewelry nothing beats the beauty and allure of a natural diamond. For a private diamond lesson, call Aura Diamonds. We will be happy to teach you about the unique qualities of diamonds.