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The Secret World of Diamond Dealers, Seller & Broker


Have you heard about diamond dealers? Where can I buy high quality diamonds at a reasonable price? In the previous article, we covered the topic of promise rings, and in this article, we will reveal the issue of diamond dealers for you and tell you how to buy from a diamond dealer correctly.

Why you want to work with a Diamond Dealer?

Many people, when shopping for a diamond will either go to their nearest mall, search their local stores. Or go on the internet and shop online selection. That makes perfect sense. You have to do the proper research so you do not spend too much money and get the quality you are looking for.

While you are in the mall or your local jeweler asks yourself, "Where did they get their diamonds?". Did you know that most stores will not carry a large inventory of loose diamonds? It is just too expensive to carry an inventory when there are diamond dealers willing to supply diamonds as needed.

Diamond dealers are the best kept secret when it comes to buying a diamond. The retail industry sends out their buyers to wholesalers and manufacturers in all types of retail product and the jewelry industry is no different. However, you can find wholesale diamond dealers here in Dallas. But you cannot find a 55 inch flat screen and a new computer at wholesale prices. Jewelry stores do the same thing with loose diamonds relying on diamond wholesalers to supply them as needed. Diamond dealers can sell privately to customers one on one.

What questions should you ask to know you have the right diamond dealer!

Are you a Diamond Dealer or Diamond Broker?

Brokers tend not to have a business inventory and may sell diamonds from a variety of dealers. That making the diamond more expensive. Not only will diamond dealers sell to individuals, dealers are more interested and more capable of buying diamonds from individuals than brokers are.

Dealers tend to have a better selection of diamonds over brokers. Diamond dealers keep an active inventory on a variety of shapes and carats to fit the needs of a wide range of customers, where brokers may tend to inventory a select range of shapes and less carat weights.

Do you sell wholesale?

Some diamond dealers claim to sell wholesale with some savings. They may sell below retail, but not at true wholesale pricing. True wholesale pricing has considerable savings over retail. Read the reviews of the business to see how satisfied customers are with that whole seller.

What certificates do they use to certify their diamonds?

Diamond certificate companies are as varied as the diamonds they certify. Most diamond dealers focus on the quality of the diamond and less on the certificate. But when it comes to trusting a specific company, most will agree that GIA is the most consistent when it comes to the grading of a diamond. International grading laboratories have been criticized for inaccurate or inconsistent grading practices.

A reputable diamond dealer should be able to show the difference in an honest way regardless of the grading company. Even if you are not shown a GIA graded diamond you should be able to see and understand the quality difference from one diamond to another.

What should you expect from a Diamond Dealer?

A reputable diamond dealer should be able to explain the difference among diamonds using the 4Cs. And just conveying the information in a useful way to a consumer. Teach you how to properly utilize the 10x loop when looking at loose diamonds.

Once you understand what you are looking for and have a better idea of how to look at diamonds, you should be in control of the process. At Aura diamonds, we always say that you are in control of the selection process. We show the difference between grading companies and the diamonds themselves. Before you see a diamond, we will demonstrate the 4Cs in an easy way for you to make an educated decision.

By the time you select a diamond you will have seen many diamonds in the range that you requested and had an experience like no other. Make that experience.