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Popular Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings 2019


Now that you’re ready to pop the question we have a question for you! Have you considered the cut of the diamond for the engagement ring you want her to say yes to? The cut or the shape of the diamond is the biggest factor in the aesthetics of a ring. The cut simply refers to the faceted shape the diamond the jeweler carefully crafted it into.

As with all things aesthetic beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Selecting the cut of the diamond for your engagement ring is the first decision of many you’ll make about the purchase. Because we value your time and are honored to be part of your special day we’ve put together a list of the five most requested and popular diamond cuts for engagement rings.

Round Diamonds: A Tried and True Classic

Round diamonds are the most popular and may have been one of the earliest cuts of the stone. Due to its durability and longevity this traditional cut was used in many early instances of diamond work. This simple and classic cut is the perfect way to say will you marry me. It’s survived the test of time to remain one of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings.

A round diamond looks exactly as the name implies. It’s a perfect faceted sphere. This classic cut is a step ahead of fancier cuts, because the abundance of facets maximizes the brightness and sparkle of the diamond. If you’re looking for a brilliant and sparkly diamond to pop the question with the classic round cut diamond won’t let you down.

Princess Diamonds: A Dazzling Royal Cut

If you seek something a little less traditional and a little more unique than the traditional round cut diamond, you may like a princess cut diamond instead. Like round cut diamonds the multi-faceted princess cut allows the fiery brilliant sparkle of the diamond’s true nature to shine through.

The princess cut diamond is a perfect square with perfect 90-degree corners and is most cost friendly for those looking to seal the deal on a budget. Typically, an engagement ring with a princess cut diamond comes at a more affordable price per carat than its traditional round cut counterpart.

Those that choose the princess cut diamond for their engagement ring should keep in mind that these square cut diamonds should always be set in a band friendly to the cut to ensure the corners are safe and to avoid chipping the precious stone. The most popular settings for the princess cut diamond engagement ring are bezels and v-prong bands.

Emerald Cut Diamonds: Unique and Regal

If you want to present her with an Engagement Ring Dallas just as unique and regal as she is you may want to opt for an emerald cut diamond. It’s grown in popularity in recent years for its architectural strength and elegant look. The emerald cut varies from boxy to a narrow rectangle shape. It’s not fiery like round or princess cut diamonds but instead plays with both light and shadow to create a unique dazzle akin to a hall of mirrors effect.

If you’re going for a vintage style engagement ring emerald cuts are the most popular for such settings. Other popular settings for the beautiful emerald cut diamond engagement rings are a diamond halo or a narrow band.

Radiant Cut Diamonds: A Modern Choice

The newest edition to the diamond engagement ring scene is the radiant cut diamond. Developed in 1977 by a jeweler named Henry Grossbard this elegant cut is fairly young. Radiant cut diamonds are akin to both princess diamonds and emerald cut diamonds but remains an elegant style of its own by combining the best features of both. They’re cut similar to emerald cut diamonds in their rectangular shape and like the princess diamond the radiant cut features a brilliant fire and sparkle to dazzle. Unlike the princess cut, the radiant diamond cut features soft angled or cut corners instead of hard 90-degree corners.

Being new to the scene of diamond engagement rings also means radiant diamond cuts look best in a modern or custom ring setting.

Cushion Cut Diamonds: Sleek and Vintage

One of the most unique popular cuts for a diamond engagement ring is the cushion cut diamond. It’s not quite round, square, or rectangle. Many describe diamonds with these cuts as looking like pillows, hence the name cushion cut diamond. The sleek vintage cushion cut has perfectly straight sides and beautifully rounded edges to give it the appearance of its namesake.

Cushion cut diamonds aren’t as brilliant as their round cut cousins they do sparkle more than a traditional emerald cut making the middle ground between the two others. This middle of the road beauty has gain popularity over the last decade leading to its place amongst the most popular diamond cuts for diamond engagement rings.

If you’re looking for a vintage or antique setting you can’t go wrong by choosing a cushion cut diamond. Their unique shape looks classic and elegant in an old-fashioned setting.