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Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be looked at in a couple of ways. You are trying to do this without you future fiancé or you are doing this together! Let's assume that you are on your own because you want to make it a surprise. At one point or another, you may have looked together and pictures may have been saved. Pay attention to those items that are mentioned. There are three things to look for: Style, Center Stone and Metal Choice.

Pay attention to the style of the ring

Sometimes the style of the ring is the most difficult. Today they can choose a solitaire with no additional diamonds in the ring or diamonds surrounding the center. There are examples of different types of engagement rings in our education section for assistance. As you are paying attention to the style of the ring, take a look at the center stone. The shape of the center stone may have something to do with the style of the engagement ring. Rings that have a cushion shaped halo may have a different shape as the center diamond.

Three stone rings do not always have the same three shapes in them. Three stone engagement rings with an oval in the center will frequently have shapes other than oval on the side. They may have half-moon, trapezoid or baguette shape side stones. None of which would be used as a center stone. This is an example of how the center stone helps create the style. What may be the easiest to discover is the metal choice.

Perfect Engagement Ring 14k and 18k

If you see that it is a rose gold engagement ring, the ring is usually 14k rose gold. Although there is 18k rose gold out there, some jewelers prefer 14kt because it is easier to work with. Yellow and white gold are great in either 14 or 18kt. Platinum may not be noticeable to discern from white gold. Most rings are available in any metal choice.

Choose the perfect Engagement Ring