Loose Diamonds

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring in Dallas, you may be wondering if it’s important to buy a GIA diamond ring to pop the question with. At Aura Diamonds we believe a knowledgeable shopper is an empowered shopper. So, while we believe yes, you should buy a GIA certified diamond ring to ask the biggest question of your life with, we’re here to tell you what makes GIA diamond engagement rings the most popular and trusted in the industry today.

GIA Certified Diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA is a gemological organization and nonprofit. They’ve perfected a system of grading and certifying diamonds. The GIA is one of the most trusted institutes in the industry.

GIA Certified Diamond Engagement Rings

When you buy a GIA certified engagement ring, you buy more than just a diamond and an engagement ring. You buy the confidence that your diamond is highly certified. GIA certification diamond not only gives you peace of mind but raises the value of your ring.

If you own a diamond or a diamond ring that isn’t GIA certified. You can mail it to them along with a modest fee and they’ll mail the ring back to you with a certification.

Aura Diamonds is wholesale diamond dealer and has a vast inventory of loose diamonds. All diamonds GIA certified as well as GIA certified diamond rings. Since our loose diamonds are GIA certified we’re one of the best loose diamond dealers in Dallas.

How Does Certified Diamond Rings Work?

While the GIA is the most trusted grade and certification, they’re not the only one. Many companies and organizations offer certifications and grades of their own. This process is completed by mailing the diamond or diamond ring into them and waiting for it to be returned with the grade and certification. If you own an uncertified ring it’s very little work on your part of get your diamond graded and certified. When the ring or diamond is returned to you it will be graded on all 4Cs. While they are other companies and organizations to do grade and certify diamonds GIA is easily one of the most trusted organizations in the diamond industry.

Aura Diamonds: GIA Certified Diamonds and Diamond Rings GIA

As a diamond wholesaler, Aura Diamonds, houses our own vast inventory of loose diamonds. Many of our diamonds are GIA certified. Many diamond brokers Dallas deal in GIA certified rings. But many of them purchase their stock and inventory from diamond dealer wholesalers like us. We cut out the middle man, so you save money on GIA certified engagement rings and GIA certified loose diamonds.

We’re proud to be your go-to Dallas diamond broker for all your diamond buying needs.

Aura Diamonds: Custom Engagement Rings/GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking to buy a custom diamond engagement ring. You may be wondering if you can still get a certified engagement ring. Yes! Yes, a custom ring can still be a GIA diamond engagement ring. Since we house a large wholesale inventory of our own we have many GIA certified loose diamonds. Our diamonds available for use in crafting your custom certified diamond rings.

We can craft a certified diamond engagement ring in any style you wish. If you’re looking for something specific come in and talk to us today.

GIA Rings are growing in popularity every year as the GIA becomes the most trusted organization in the diamond industry. Not all diamond brokers Dallas carry or sale GIA certified diamonds or GIA certified diamonds wholesale. If you’re looking for engagement rings GIA certified that won’t break your savings account. You can talk to one of our jewel craft specialists today. And find out what sets up apart from other diamond dealers Dallas. So, we have many GIA certified diamonds ring for sale.