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Alexandrite is often thought of as an exotic gemstone. It was discovered less than 200 years ago in the Ural Mountains of Russia in April 1834. On that day, the future tsar of Russia, Alexander II came of age. And this new gem received its name, "Alexandrite". Many gemstones stones can be traced through history, but alexandrite is too new. Alexandrite was born with unique qualities that fascinate us today.

Even though it is still a toddler in the gemstone world, alexandrite has placed itself in many magnificent pieces of jewelry. If it was not for its 8.5 hardness and color changing properties, it may have gone unnoticed. Some have called alexandrite, 'an emerald by day and a ruby by night.' In daylight the gem will present a green to bluish-green color. In incandescent light, it will turn a soft red to a purplish-red. Few stones have this unique quality.

Alexandrite Gem Stone