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Sapphire Stone

When discussing gemstones, there are particular characteristics that should be mentioned in order to find the right gemstone. No colored gemstone is as hard as a diamond and they should be treated differently. Some popular colored gemstones will have noticeable wearing on the facet edges if worn too often. Very few colored gemstones are durable enough to be worn all the time. Therefore, special care is necessary for all colored gemstones. So, here are five popular colored gemstones.

Sapphire - Sapphire, the December birthstone, is available in nearly any color but red. One of the most popular stones for centuries. Sapphire was once used as the April birthstone by the Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Roman and Russian cultures. The blue sapphire, being the most popular of all its colors, is available in many shades of blue. The darker the sapphire the more affordable. The lighter colored sapphires, some are called Ceylon Sapphires. This gemstones are among the most beautiful and valuable. The beautiful cool blue nearly goes with everything.

Therefore, jewelers will use sapphires in all types of jewelry. Even though sapphire is the second hardest stone it will eventually show signs of wear along the edge facets if worn every day.

Blue sapphire rough stone