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Dallas Engagement Rings servise at Aura Diamonds

At Aura Diamonds, in Dallas, Texas, we specialize in custom engagement rings.  Crafting an engagement ring allows us to custom create what the customer desires. The style becomes a reflection of that person’s taste and their desire to symbolize their relationship in a special way.  Ring styles can range from unique engagement rings to antique engagement rings.  Today, many are choosing a simple design to show off the shape of the center diamond or gemstone they chose, by making the shank slim with diamonds down the side. 

The wider rings may have more design in with flowing filigree with less diamond in the setting and yet, sometimes, simple is the way to go by creating a unique engagement ring without diamonds.  Focusing on the center stone can make it easier, but many have a style that they love but a different center stone shape. Each customer is different and so are their engagement rings.  

A benefit of custom making your engagement ring with us, is that each ring is a wholesale engagement ring.  When you find a style that you like but you would like subtle changes, we can do that.  There are times that you cannot find anything that you want because you want a particular look.  If it does not exist, let us create it in computer design and transform that idea into a beautiful engagement ring.  There are some that do not know what to create.  We recommend you put the diamond into a solitaire setting and then come in to discuss the design at your leisure.  You will be able to propose and then come in together to discuss a custom engagement ring.  



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